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Sam Eye Am Photography

Work With Sam

Available in The Netherlands - Europe - UK - Israel.

Typically replying within an hour


About Sam

My favourite things to do are creating, building (so many things), discover people and be in nature! 

I love helping people & business ideas grow & reach full potential. 

I am very passionated about human psychology and understanding why we make decisions. 

I fluently speak: Dutch, English, Hebrew & French.

My Why

As a kid, I used to observe my classmates and wonder what would I do differently if I were them, how will I grow as a person, how will I do my hair, how will I act, who will I surround myself by? What would I work on?
Those thoughts never stopped, today I love helping people & businesses grow using media & stories. 

Sam's Story

At 18 years old I moved by my own to the Netherlands – Amsterdam, my birth land to follow my dreams.

I growing up in nature in a small village with 16 families – all artists, far away from the cities. 

My dream was to be a famous musician. Most of my time during school I was thinking about my dream and also at a young age I started hanging out less with friends and focusing only on music. 

Less then a month after finishing school, I moved alone to Amsterdam after completely forgetting my Dutch, on a mission to enter the music scene. I very quickly learned that most of Amsterdam is a musician / DJ. 

While almost running out of money and understanding I have nothing unique to offer as a musician in Amsterdam, I decided to stand out with a brand, I need to have good photos of myself, so I bought my very first camera. 

Quickly I got the idea that the music scene has much more need for good photos then more musicians. So after 6 months of spending every free time I had I managed to quit my job and became a full time music photographer! 

Since then I fell in love with photography and helping people and ideas show their beauty to the world.