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Hi, I'm Sam

I’m 25 years old, based in Amsterdam I speak English, Dutch, Hebrew & French.

I'm Obsessed With

Sam's Story

As a kid, I spent most of my time looking at the clock, hoping school will end, I did not understand how school can help me in life.
As result, the teachers didn’t really like me and my parents had to punish me often in hope I will be a good student.

Back then my biggest dream was to work with music festivals and celebrities. So I started learning to DJ. Every free moment I had I nerdy studied it and did everything to become as good at it as I could.

A few days after school finished, my big day, I took a one-way flight to festival heaven, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, completely alone.
Amsterdam was so beautiful in my eyes, I wanted to share what I’m seeing with everyone, also I always loved quality photos, and I thought it could help my DJ name so I decided I’m buying my first camera!

After trying to DJ in some places and speaking to people, I learned that in the Netherlands – EVERYONE IS A DJ.
So I had to get creative.

I discovered that if everyone wants to be on stage they all need good photos of themselves and when they are DJing.
So I tried that.

Every minute I had off work I spent learning & trying to take photos, completely alone, just using the internet.

A month after I managed to get a press pass to my first ever festival to take photos. I kept contacting festivals till one of them told me he will pay me if I come again, every month – My first client! I loved every second there.
I kept butting 100% of my free time into getting better and finding more clients. Every time I had enough money I bought better equipment leaving me with 0 in my bank every single time.

6 months after buying my first camera, I quit my job and went full-time into photography.
Now 7 years later, I’ve managed to work with every festival & celebrity I dreamed of (except Emma Watson) and I am traveling the world being paid to do what I love.

What You Get:

1. Fully Edited Photos

Editing the photos is what takes the most time of the process. 

Together we can choose what edit style fits your character the most.

2. No Photo Limit

I don’t charge per photo I charge per hour of working on location, so there are no hidden costs

At events, I usually deliver around 100 photos per hour. depending on how the event goes. sometimes 50 sometimes 200 per hour.


3. Photo Quality

I always use the highest quality hardware & software.  So photos can be even printed on billboards.

You will get the photos in 2 sizes, web & print (full) resolution. 

4. Studio Lighting

The right lighting can bring a photo from good to wow


5. Usage Rights

I don’t complicate things, if I worked for you, you can use the photos for any use you like.

6. Videography

On request, I can also make single videoclips or a whole after movie

7. Photo Booth

For weddings & events, we can create a paparazzi wall / Photo Booth where your guests will receive photos directly to their phones via airdrop or email. 

Directly after taking a photo, it goes to a computer that automatically edits & exports the photos.

On request, I’ll bring studio light + laptop + cables.

8. Online Personal Site

Personal link

For easy sharing

Password Protection

Can be added​


For presentations

Theme Music

Can be added​

Thousands of photos

Showcase the whole album

Individual Downloads
Stays for a whole year

Extended on request

Elderly friendly

Can Be Added:

Memory Frame

A unique artwork of dry plants + a beautifully designed frame + your memories delivered to your house for 45€

Created by Sam & WaterPlants.life 

Wall Print

Get prints at the highest quality possible, together with one of the best printing labs in the Netherlands + The Sam Eye Am Quality, we now offer prints delivered to your address.

Handing System

Delivered to your address

High Quality Prints

Quality Camera = No Pixels

Medium 40X60


Large 60x90


Incl. tax's & shipping

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