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The principles:

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Editing Examples:

Version 1 (Video Editor)
Version 2 (Sam's reedit)

What I did: 

  • Added an interesting visual hook
  • Added more interesting photos 
  • Removed unnecessary words (the second “couple photoshoot”)
  • Ended the reel with a “because” so it will look like the video never ended which makes people watch twice

Short Form Checklist:

Before you share any finished video, check if all of those are done. Non Negotiables*

Text hook

Around 5 words

Most powerful hook

Bring the most interesting / exiting / valuable part to the beginning

Cut out silence moments

also small ones, especially in the hook, expect if intentional silences

Visual speed

Around 2-4 seconds per visual (if its not moving), not too fast not too slow. videos can stay longer

Visual Center

Keep the visual focus point at the same spot -upper center, this makes it easy too keep looking at.

Cut out unnecessary words

Look at the reel a few times and think, is there any words that don't add value?

Everything makes sence?

Every sentence ads to the other senses? if not reorder or remove senses. visuals add value to what we speak about?

Everything is readable & clear

Long Form Checklist:

Before you share any finished video, check if all of those are done. Non Negotiables*

First 5 Seconds

1. Match the Title and Thumbnail:

   – The first sentence of the video should match the title.

   – The first shot should match the thumbnail.

   – This assures viewers that their expectations are being met immediately.

First 20 Seconds

2. Three Core Elements:

   Provide Context: Explain what the video is about.

   Introduce Stakes or Payoff: Show what viewers will gain or the stakes involved.

   Create Curiosity Gap: Generate interest by hinting at something exciting to come.

– Show how much value they will get (i spent 3 years learning this”)

Video Body

3. Visual Variety:

   – Use frequent cuts (every 3-5 seconds) to maintain visual interest.

   – Employ different camera angles, zooms, and other techniques to keep the visuals dynamic.

4. Consistent Contrast:

   – Break up the main story with side stories or contrasting elements to prevent monotony.

   – Use different types of footage or content styles to maintain interest.

5. Good Pacing:

   – Alternate between high-energy and low-energy segments.

   – Ensure that each segment is short enough to maintain interest, typically 2-4 minutes long.


6. Big Payoff and High Note:

   – End with a significant payoff that ties back to the video’s stakes.

   – Conclude on a positive, dramatic, or funny note to leave viewers satisfied.


7. Cut Out Dull Moments:

   – Review the video with test viewers.

   – Remove any parts where viewers get bored or distracted.

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