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– We guide the videographer
– We edit your videos to go viral
– We send you 30 videos a month
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It took 8 years to grow my IG followers from 0 to 5K. It was a painful and frustrating time. I was working long hours, trying to learn as much as possible, and posting all the time. 

But I wasn’t getting any attention. I would work on one post for hours until I thought it was great, and excitedly hit the post button, thinking about all the engagement it would get. 

And then….


Sometimes, it was so bad I would get embarrassed and delete the post.

It honestly depressed me sometimes. I had so much passion I wanted to share, but I couldn’t get anyone to pay attention.

Have you experienced this too? 

Do you want to grow an audience on Instagram, but feel like your growth is way too slow?

Maybe sometimes your posts do alright, and then other times it feels like you’re posting into the void… 

Or have you ever looked around and wondered how everyone else seems to be blowing up practically overnight? What are they doing differently? Why do I suck so much?

Does the algorithm secretly hate me?

I’ve struggled my way through all of this. And I can help you get there, too.

I can show you how Instagram really works. You can copy my strategies to massively increase your follower count.

But don’t take my word for it…

1 Month Later
3 Months Later

my results

After eight years and 231 posts – I was sitting at 5k followers. I was frustrated, demotivated, and getting burnt out. 

But I never stopped learning, and I didn’t give up. I decided to try out some new ideas and made a big mindset shift. And I completely changed my approach to creating and posting content. 

And 30 days later, the results were hard to believe. I gained over 30k followers in one month!

I felt like I had just cracked the code. 

I spent the next three months experimenting with different content strategies while continuing to grow my fan base. I ended up with over 75k followers and over 1,000,000 monthly views.

And now, I get offered money every day by business that want me to teach them my system. 

As I have limited time to help people out one at a time, and most can’t afford my service – I decided to make a course. That way I can help the most amount of people possible.

I’m creating The Instagram Strategy For Business course to show you exactly what you need to do to grow your audience in months, not years. 

You Will Also Get:

Instagram Priorities List

How to not get overwhelmed & focus on the best return on investment

How To Get Unlimited Content Ideas

Content Template For Businesses

How To Edit Reels To Go Viral

How To Record reels with a phone

How to go viral while actually connecting with people on a deeper level:

Why Now?

Why is right now the best time to build an audience?

Attention is the new gold standard. It is the most valuable resource in the world, and people who get it are building billion-dollar brands.

 But, digital advertising costs have been soaring over the past few years. Apple’s privacy updates have drastically reduced the data available for online ad targeting. And big companies have diverted their massive ad budgets online. It’s already becoming unprofitable for many smaller brands to use paid ads.

But you know what doesn’t cost anything? Organic traffic. Short-form video content on social media platforms is the cheapest and most effective way to gain attention.  

Have you heard of Mr. Beast? If you haven’t, he’s the biggest YouTuber and earns over $3 million per month on YouTube Adsense revenue alone. He will be a billionaire soon. 

And a big reason why is that he has a massive audience of people who love and trust him. His fans eagerly consume any content he puts out, and any products he endorses or launches sell out fast. 

The Rock leveraged his massive Instagram audience to create the fastest-growing tequila brand in the world, Teremana, estimated to be worth $4 Billion. 

And if you want to team up with Kylie Jenner for your next influencer campaign, it’s estimated to cost you over $1.8M for her to endorse your post…

The bottom line is that if you want to be successful personally or impact our world, growing your audience is the highest return on investment activity you can choose.

What will your story be?

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Get a Free Instagram review

I will give you free feedback on your current Instagram and how you can do better.

Unlock Your Instagram Potential: Claim Your Free Feedback


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