Sam Eye Am Photography

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Lr Presets for Professionals

After 7 years of selling my photo editing styles to only high paying brands,

I’m now sharing my secrets with everyone for a fraction of the price

New Gold

The modern “new” look, makes the skin become golden. 

Loved by corporations, businesses, and couples that like modern styles.

6 Presets in one collection



Analog film look,

Loved by couples who love vintage, timeless, sentimental, and moody style.

Adds a lot of character to a photographer’s style when he can shot with the power of digital cameras and fast & sharp lenses and get the film vibe.


7 Lightroom presets in one collection



Warm shadows, deep teal, and light orange skin toons.

10 Presets in one collection

8 modern feel presets + 2 analog film feel presets


Ams By Night

Unique, creative, vibrant & moody presets.

All presets are analog film inspired.

11 different presets + 6 guide Presets in one collection


“Finding a visual identity as a photographer in the digital age is fundamental. 

Quality presets are needed for that.”

Trusted By large Brands,

Created by color grading nurds.

7 years of analzing the RGB tone curve

After spending over 700€ on professional presets, I’ve analyzed every best performing preset in the market to create my own syle, I used them myself on over a hundred thousand photos with different lightings.

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