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9 Lightroom Presets
+ Lighting Presets
+ 9 Mobile Presets
+ How To Use Tutorial
+ High End Editing Course

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GOLD presets are the presets for creating that modern look full of bright and vibrant colours. It will make your skin tones seem golden while keeping your whites perfectly white.



I also thought using those popular moody presets that all the wedding photographers are using will be the key to success. But guess what? My clients in the Netherlands had a different idea!

The weather here is mostly gray & depressing. But, I was capturing moments at happy festivals and weddings, and my clients wanted their photos to be full with vibrant colors and pure joy! They didn’t want moody shots. they wanted their memories to come alive!

So I went looking for those vibrant presets but all the beautiful presets I found were making the green look gray which I can’t have because the Netherlands is completely green! Thats where I understood I needed to create my own Lightroom presets to give my photos that wow factor and have my clients happy, I wanted them to be full of life.

Today, I’m thrilled to share my creation with you. The GOLD presets are the secret to capturing the true essence of your memories, ensuring each shot is filled with breathtaking colors and pure joy.

+ High End Editing Course

Learn Exactly How I Edit For Who I Worked With

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If you aren’t happy for any reason with the value, No problem, Just message me on Instagram within 30 days and will I refund you in a 100% of your money. no questions asked & no hard feelings 🙂

Worst Case: you get 100% of your money back + keep the presets + No hard feelings.

Best Case: you will get an amazing editing style + stand out from the competition + Make everyone wonder how you grew so fast.

9 Lightroom Presets
+ Lighting Presets
+ 9 Mobile Presets
+ How To Use Tutorial
+ High End Editing Course