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Master Color Grading

Fully understand the power of the RGB curve tone

Become An Icon

Stand out from your competition, Become unique, the only one with your editing style that no one else can copy

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Why it's a game changer

Buying presets helped me a lot to grow, but as more and more photographers started using them, our images began to look too similar, and clients didn’t care who took the photo anymore. So, I knew I had to create my own style to stand out.

For years, I researched the curve tone, but no one wanted to share their knowledge. Even when I asked people I bought presets from, they didn’t want to share their secrets. So, I after years I finally figured it out on my own way of doing it, and it changed everything for me. I now have complete ownership of my work and a unique signature style that my clients can’t find anywhere else. They choose to work with me for my style and are willing to pay a premium for it.

Initially, I was hesitant to share my secret, but now my new passion is to help other photographers succeed.

RGB tone curve presets course

Why color grading matters?

The most powerful editing tool in Lightroom is the RGB Tone Curve, its what make a style consistent, so it what makes the difference between high-quality presets & low-quality presets. Most free or cheap presets don’t use Lightroom’s most powerful and complex tools. And that’s one of the reasons why those presets don’t work on every photo.

Of all the professional photographers I’ve met over the years, many don’t actually know how to use the RGB curve tone properly themselves. They rely on buying presets from other photographers that do know. 

But you won’t have to depend on others. I will teach you everything about this part of Lightroom, so your presets will work on any picture anytime. 

You will learn:

– How to find your own unique Style

– How to exactly create any RGB curve tone from any inspirational photo / colors, easily.

– How to create any RGB Curve tone LUTS

– How to B&W

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