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Preset Course

Learn how to create any preset you can dream of

lightroom wedding editing presets
Master Color Grading

Fully understand the power of the RGB curve tone + other tools

Sell Your Presets

Own your presets to the level you can make money with them

Get Unique

Be the only one with that editing style and that no one can copy


Instead of 485€. limited offer for the first few students

What you will learn


How it completely changed my carrier

The preset course is what I was most looking to learn as a photographer and it completely changed my carrier.

Using presets from others helped me grow extremely fast as a freelance photographer. It also thought me a lot about what valuable presets contain, but after a few years of being the only one in my scene using presets, more and more photographers started using presets that looked similar to what I had back then, to a point where my clients couldn’t tell anymore who made a photo.

So I went full in to find out how to create my own presets & style so that no one will be able to replicate me.

I’ve been researching it for years and asked everyone I bought a preset from. but no one wanted to answer that. I learned that those who discovered how to make presets kept it to themselves, there is a lot more money to be made in selling a product than in teaching it.

When I figured it out it changed everything,

For me as an artist – Feeling complete ownership of my work, knowing I am the only one with those tools, and that I can do whatever I want with them, like sell or give them.

And for my clients – They got unique photos that none of their competitors can replicate which drew a lot of attention to them from anyone. so I also suddenly reached a new type of client that want to work with me because of my style, that they said they were looking for a long time but could find photographers that do that.

to be honest, when I created my method of making presets, I didn’t want to share it with anyone, till I completely changed my mindset about how I see competition and now my biggest goal is to help anyone but especially freelancers become the best version of them selfs.

The Power of The RGB Tone Curve

Using it is what makes the difference between quality presets & edited photos vs low quality, most cheap presets don’t use the most powerful and complex tools of Lightroom, and that’s one of the reasons why those presets don’t work on every photo or lighting.

From all the professional photographers I’ve met over the years, I rarely meet one that actually know’s how to use the RGB curve tone, most of them buy presets from other photographers who do know how to do it. I have not met many professional photographer that use presets that don’t use the RGB tone curve

Create presets that work on any photo & lighting

You will need:

For Advanced Photographers

You do need to already understand how Lightroom works to be able to create good presets.

If you are new to Lightroom I recommend first buying presets, so you can learn how they really work.

I worked on my presets for many years and im using them on a daily basis so they are the best thing I could create.

Why I'm sharing this secret?

Photography, like any art, can be done for free or for big money, my mission is to help you be as valuableas possible.

It’s all based on secrets, I used to keep them only for myself so I don’t create competition. for example, one good preset can change everything around, it changed my career and I’ve seen it happen to everyone around me. 

The pandemic was very hard for many people around me, it made me realise how lucky I am not having to depend on anyone else but myself. Being able to work when and for who I want + not have to listen to any boss or system. It gives you ultimate freedom.

Now I realised, it’s more important for me to help anyone archive that and not only focusing on growing myself.

Sam 5 Years ago: