Sam Eye Am Photography

How To Take

Photos That Wow

- Guide -

1. Framing Elements

Place things from the photoshoot’s environment close to the camera, things like leaves, candles or even walls. It guides the viewer’s eyes to the subject in a subtle way. A simple hack, but it makes all the difference.

2. Depth of field

Here’s the secret to make the subject pop: Try placing the subject farther away from the background or getting forward , same goes for the foreground. This creates a blur that will focus one’s eyes on the subject. Simple, right?

3. Rule of THIRDS

Know those two lines on your camera or Lightroom crop mode? The upper horizontal line is usually what the viewer first sees, so have the eyes of the model there.

4. Lighting

My favorite lighting set up: 
Main Light: In front of the object but 30 degrees to the side so you get a beautiful cheek reflection and triangle light on the other cheek.
Back Light: Behind the object to get this beautiful hair shine or muscle reflection line, making the object stand out from the environment.
Pro tip: The bigger the light source is, the softer the shadows are, the better!

No Flash
With Flash

5. Compositions Experimenting

I get my favourite photos often from testing different backgrounds and compositions. Don’t be afraid to experiment or to make mistakes! The best photos come from trial and error.

6. Guiding & Hyping

You will be surprised how many people are uncomfortable in front of the camera. If you hype up your clients, you’ll make them more confident – in themselves and in you. (That you’re worth the money!)

How to hype them up? Suggest some poses and run them through these before the photoshoot. That way, they can be prepared.

Pro tip: add this page to your phone’s home screen so anytime you are at a photoshoot within 1 click you can see whats missing to make your photos WOW.