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Photography Course

I will teach you how I got $19,000 a month as a photographer, and how I coached others to make $8,000 a month.

1 of the frameworks inside the course to make everything as clear and easy as possible

What You Get:

Video Course + Guides + Checklists + Templates + PResets + Bonuses

Part 1: Get High Paying clients Fast / Marketing

  • Where is the big money at and how to get them as clients
  • How to show your work in a way that WOW’s anyone
  • How to Email & DM potential clients that will make them say wow I want to work with this photographer + Email / DM template
  • How to get clients to contact you
  • How to present your work to get potential clients to say “This is next level, I want to work with him even though it costs much more than other photographers
  • How I got to work 7 of my dream clients
  • How to get clients while traveling
  • How I got my best paying customers
  • How I got paid $19000 a month
  • + List – 93 Reel Hooks For Photographers + Email Template + 18+ ways to make more money from each client

    ($2,100 excluding taxes)

    Part 2: Photos that "wow"

    • How to find the right camera & lens, also when on a budget
    • How a camera works – simplified 
    • How to take amazing photos
    • How to use lighting
    • How to studio light


    • Photos that WOW – Checklist
    • 43 Posing Prompts – Guide
    • 39 Jokes For Photoshoots – No More Awkward Photoshoots!

    Part 3: editing for high Paying clients

    • Beginners – How to edit in Lightroom (Desktop & Mobile)
    • How to select 4500 photos in less then 2 hours
    • How to edit 600 photos in 2 hours
    • Multiple unreleased editing videos
    • Beginners – How to use Photoshop
    • How to make people look more attractive

    Weekly Personal coaching

    Instead of paying more than $2000 for coaching, you can get quick solutions & creative ideas in less time. 

    1 Month, every week, quick checks to see how you can do better. 

    + Photo/Reel feedback: 1 Month, every week IG posts where you can tag me to get editing feedback

    Limited Time Offer*

    3 Months Private Community

    Instead of paying more than $2000 for coaching, you can get quick solutions & creative ideas in less time. 3 Months Access

    You can access the course from your phone’s home page with only 1 click. so it’s always super easy to grow, even if you are on the go! 

    Photoshoot jokes – 1 click

    Posing Prompts – 1 click

    Photo that wow checklist – 1 click


    You will learn how to make this back in 1 hour!

    Today, it's not $6,999
    Or even $699

    For every 5 new students, the investment goes up.

    I can’t promise results as i can’t take photos & send emails for you but if you feel like its not worth it you can get your money back within 30 days.

    + Free Bonuses:

    *If you buy today, you will get those bonuses for FREE! They can be taken down any day
    Create your own signature style in only 1 hour to stand out of the competition and charge more.
    Value: $299
    Limited time included for free
    41 Local Adjustment Lightroom Presets that add light effects / sun flares, presets that will bring your photos from good to wow
    Value: $47
    Limited time included for free

    + The Power Of

    FILM Presets

    SKIN Presets + 19 exclusive B&W Presets I use for my high-paying clients

    Value: $179
    Limited time included for free


    How I got 100,000 followers in 8 months & How to get unlimited clients from it.

  • How Instagram can change your life & business
  • How to make people love with you & want to buy anything from you
  • What to write in bio / name / profile photo
  • How to only spend 1 hour a day on Instagram
  • What videos to make
  • How to record videos
  • How to edit
  • How to go viral
  • How to make money with Instagram
  • How I got 6,000 emails 
  • How to get someone to help you for $5 per video
  • +
  • 93 Hooks For Photographers
  • Hook Template Guide
  • Viral reels checklist
  • Multiple people offered me $13,000 for what is in this course.

    Value: $999
    Limited time included for free
    30 Days Later
    90 Days Later

    The investment goes up every 5 new students

    + Bonuses can be removed everyday


    It took me 8 years to get a hang of this industry, and I wish I had these when I was starting out. That’s why I’m giving these at a lower price because I want as many people as possible to get my results, faster.

    From University -> dream clients

    “After 2 weeks of working with Sam I got my first paid job. Since then i got better and better jobs and it completely changed my life.

    I started learning from Sam when i was in university, I thought to become a photographer you need to be very lucky, rich or born into it.

    I now just came back from a paid tour in the Alps mountains where we stayed in hotels worth thousands of $ a night working with my dream celebrities that have over 1 Million followers.

    Even in my dreams I didn’t thought I will be part of something like that. 

    Sam helped me find my passion, what I truly love to do in life and it helped me find the confidence to actually do more then I could imagine was possible.”


    Worked With

    My dream clients that I got to work with

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    What you get:

    How To get high paying clients

    How to take photos that wow

    How to edit for high paying clients

    Exclusive Videos/Tricks/Templates/ Guides/frame-works

    Preset Course

    RGB tone curve presets course
    Value: $299

    Sun Flares Presets

    Value: $47


    Value: $179

    Instagram Course

    4 Months later
    Value: $999

    *For every 5 new students, the investment goes up. and bonuses can be removed. 

    Investing in yourself

    Investing in this course is not only investing in yourself, your future & your family but also in me creating more & better content, my mission is to help as many people become self-dependent & valued.

    I learned from super-rich investors that investing in skills is the best thing we could do with our money.

    If you aren’t happy for any reason with the value from the course, No problem, Just message me on Instagram within 30 days and will I refund you in a 100% of your money. no questions asked, no hard feelings 🙂

    Worst Case: you get all your money back + keep the presets + what you learned + No hard feelings.

    Best Case: you make $7000+ a month + get the clients that you dream + Make everyone wonder how you grew so fast.

    A student working with her favourite DJ celebrity – Folamour