Sam Eye Am Photography

Mobile Filters

Use professional photographers secrets

One-click to get the pro look on phone photos.

Easy to install using the free Lightroom app. 

Skin - Mobile

The analog film look,

Loved by couples who love vintage, timeless, sentimental, and moody style.

Adds a lot of character to the photos when you can shoot with the power of a phone camera and still get the film vibe.

7 Lightroom DNG presets in one collection + Installation guide & tutorial


Orange & Teal - Mobile

Warm shadows, deep teal, and light orange skin toons.

Best for summer vacation photos.

This style was created while working with The Yacht Week

6 Mobile (DNG) Lightroom presets in one collection + Installation guide & tutorial


“Finding a visual identity as a creator in the digital age is fundamental. 

Quality filters are needed for that.”

Trusted by large brands,

Created by color grading nurds.

6 years of analyzing the RGB tone curve & color harmony

After spending over 700€ on professional presets, I’ve analyzed every best performing preset in the market to create my own style, I used them myself on over a hundred thousand photos with different lightings.

For The Professional Presets