Sam Eye Am Photography

Sam's Story

Sam lived in the desert far away from civilization for 12 years,

Most of his time there was spent spotting wild animals hiding between the shades of the brown rocks.

To spot them fast he had to learn the difference between shades shapes and motion. This practice trained his eye to look at the world in a very unique way and spot the extraordinary in milliseconds.

After those 12 years, Sam moved back to Amsterdam, educated himself on the art of photography, quit his job after 6 months of living there, and went to practice in the music world, where often there is only low light and fast moments, hardest conditions for a photographer.

Sam now likes to do work that inspires him and is photographing mostly couples fashion and music.

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The possibilities with Sam

Latest equipment

I use the top rated and latest hardware & software. Like cameras, lenses, lights, computer, editing programs etc..

Extra pixels

As I use the top rated camera's in the industry, the photos are in very high quality and can be printed even on billboards

Video clips

I can make single shot video clips

Optimised files

I will make your life easier and export the photos for your need, like if it's just for social media and website's you will get the photos optimised for that.

The Concept

As someone who is very into psycology, When working with brands, I always try to fully understand the pottentioal of the photos and how to get there

Brand it

As someone who is very into branding, I will color-grad the photos to match your brand

Online Gallry

I can make a page with all the photos we created together that i easy to share and guests can download photos individually