Sam Eye Am Photography

A little bit about me

Hi, I’m Sam.

I’m an entrepreneur & photographer based in Amsterdam, 

My favorite thing to capture is emotions and people at their best

I speak Dutch, French Hebrew & English.

I’m fascinated by: self-development, traveling, humans nature, & cultures.

My short photography story: I started photographer 6 years ago in the nightlife scene in Amsterdam after 5 months I’ve been very lucky to have quite often 4/5 different jobs in one day.

After that I moved to the festival scene and now I’m Shooting mostly weddings, events and fashion.

I never stuck to one type of photography because it’s less exciting to do the same thing again, I love most helping like-minded people with everything I can offer them.

The possibilities with Sam

Latest equipment

I use the top rated and latest hardware & software. Like cameras, lenses, lights, computer, editing programs etc..

Extra pixels

As I use the top rated camera's in the industry, the photos are in very high quality and can be printed even on billboards

Video clips

I can also make video's but photography is more my thing

Optimised files

I will make your life easier and export the photos for your need, like if it's just for social media and website's you will get the photos optimised for that.

The Concept

As someone who is very into psycology, When working with brands, I always try to fully understand the pottentioal of the photos and how to get there

Brand it

As someone who is very into branding, I will color-grad the photos to match your brand

Online Gallry

I can make a page with all the photos we created together that i easy to share and guests can download photos individually

Email me at: