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The keystones of Sam Eye Am.


I’ve worked on over 700 projects in just 8 years. I’ve photographed worldwide-known celebrities and brands and was responsible for the photography of million-dollar events. 

I bring that experience to every shoot I do. Whether big or small.

I Will Guide You

Even when you’re usually so uncomfortable in front of a camera, you won’t be this time. I will hype you, make you laugh and help you be confident.

Quote from the Bride: “Most of the times I find taking photos pretty awkward. So, to be honest, I was a bit afraid for all the posing moments at our wedding. Sam however not only captured our special and unique moments, but he even added another dimension of love and fun. It is like having a really special extra wedding guest to your event that lights up the day and starts the party.



I work with the highest quality hardware and software so that photos can be used for social media, photo albums, and even billboards.

My special touch

Each photo I shoot will be edited individually. Yes, that takes a lot of time and effort, but luckily enough, it is a labour of love. It gives the photos that ‘wow effect’.


Studio Lighting

Lighting can change a photo from being ‘good’ to spectacular – and that’s what I aim for every single time. I work with the finest equipment to achieve optimal lighting to highlight the important little details in each photo.


Fast Delivery

My clients know me for delivering very quickly.

On Location Delivery

I can share some of the photos during the event when that’s considered during the planning of the shoot. 

Or we can even bring an editor on location that will share photos & videos during the event.

Photo Stand

With the photo stand, you receive edited headshots or group photos instantly on your phone using Airdrop or email.

Photo Store

Make these moments last. You quickly and easily turn your favourite memories into the highest-quality prints through the photo store.

Albums, gift cards, huge wall posters – all delivered to your address.


I proactively come up with ideas on how to get the best possible results for my clients. 


  • Photoshoot accessories
  • Photoshoot locations 
  • Photo Idea’s
  • How to stick to your brand / style
  • The best photos that suite you
  • Connecting you with my trusted people list who can help
  • Even marketing ideas

Guiding & Caring

I will guide you through the whole process to make it as fun & easy to work together. 

I will make the sometimes scary experience of being infront of the camera natural & fun.

I care a lot about my clients and want them to have the best experience possible! 

5 Backup Methods

Can you imagine not receiving your photos because of a backup problem? I do my best to ensure it never happens. With multiple storage backups, including cloud storage.

On camera every photo is saved twice, then I import them to my computer, hard drive and iCloud and sometimes even another cloud & computer. until the photos are safely delivered. to be extra sure we can bring an extra photographer to backup the photos on location.


+ Photographer /Videographer

Get more photos and videos from different angles with that quintessential Sam Eye Am quality and style.

+ On-Site Editor

Impress your guest with photos and videos that get edited instantly on-site. Ideal for boosting social media during the event!

After Movie

Let’s turn your favourite moments into captivating videos. Editing single videos included.  

Photo Booth

Instant unlimited high-quality photos shared to your phone or printed. Perfect for business events and weddings.

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