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Sam Eye Am Photography


Sam's experience

8 years of full time experience, working with some of the most famous people & brands in the world. 

Responsible for the photography of massive events that cost millions of euros. 

I Will Guide You

I will hype you, make you laugh & help you be confident in front of the camera.


Photo Quality

I use the highest quality hardware & software. You can use the photos for social media, albums, and even print them on billboards

My special touch

Each and every photo is being edited individually. This means I invest a lot of time and effort in your photos, but luckily it is a labor of love.

Editing consists of color grading & light adjustments. While it takes the most time of the process, it really gives the photos that ‘wow effect’.


Studio Lighting

The right lighting can change a photo from being ‘just ok’ to spectacular – this is what I aim for.
I use the finest equipment to achieve optimal lighting, which highlights the important details in each and every photo.

Fast Delivery

My clients know me for delivering the photo very quickly. Delivery will be done 1 – 4 days after the event.

On Location Delivery

I can share some of the photos during the event if we make specific time for that.

Photo Stand

Get edited headshots / group photos instantly to your phone using Airdrop / email on the spot.

Photo Lab Credit

Quick & simple way to design & print YOUR favourite photos in the highest quality. 

Albums, gift cards, huge wall prints – delivered to your address.