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How I Got $19,000 in 30 Days

As an Event Photographer

Where is the big money?

The secret to boosting your income lies in focusing on business clients (B2B).

Businesses have a different view of photography compared to individuals. They see it as an investment, not just a cost. Here’s why:

Businesses need high-quality photos for things like websites, ads, presentations, and working with other companies. These photos create a strong impression and help increase sales. Also, many companies set aside money for marketing each year, and by the end of the year, they often have leftover funds they need to spend. Your photography services can be the perfect way to use this money.

How to Find High-Paying Business Clients

Here’s what you can do specifically:

1. Identify Conferences: Look for industry conferences or events that match your photography style. These events are great places to find potential clients who understand the value of professional photography.

2. Research Attending Companies: Once you’ve identified relevant conferences, find out which companies will be there. This step is crucial because it lets you target businesses that are already spending money on marketing and events.

3. Target the Right People: Within each company, identify the marketing managers or decision-makers who would value your services. These are the people who control the budgets and understand the importance of high-quality photos.

4. Craft Your Pitch: Personalize your email introductions, highlighting how your photography can help their business. 

Here’s an example of what I wrote to such people:

Hi, I saw you are also going to [Event]. 

I will be there as well to take photos & videos of some companies.

I saw on your website [something you found on their website that you had a positive emotion to or an idea came]

I actually have an idea on how to [help them with growing, for example: tell your story on a deeper level using photos or videos, which will make people connect on a deeper level with your business and that also means more sales] I’d be happy to share that idea and maybe also take those photos & videos for you while I’m there if i will still have time. 

Here is what I do –

And what you can get – 

Would love to share the idea with you because it will make a difference. Would love to hear what you think. 


[Phone Number]

Beyond B2B: Building Your Personal Brand

To attract strong business clients, it is essential to have a strong online presence. A professional website showcasing your skills is a must. This means having clear and easy-to-understand content that speaks directly to your target audience. Additionally, an active social media presence where you can engage with potential clients can significantly boost your visibility and credibility.

Building a strong online presence isn’t just about being visible; it’s about building trust and showing that you are reliable. When business clients see that you have a well-maintained, professional online presence, they are more likely to trust you and believe you have something valuable to offer. This is how you turn online visitors into real clients.

Your website should showcase a wide range of your work. It’s not enough to display a handful of photos; you need to present a variety of work that shows your versatility and professionalism. Additionally, make sure your website shows up well in search results for relevant keywords like “event photographer” or “Amsterdam conference photography.”

Lastly, focus on making things easy for potential clients. Your website should be simple to navigate and include clear pricing information. This transparency can help build trust and make it easier for clients to choose your services.

Investing in Yourself

Creating a professional website can take time, but the long-term benefits are worth it. Consider hiring professionals for web design and SEO to ensure your online presence is good. This investment in yourself and your business can pay off significantly in the long run.


By shifting your focus to business clients and building a strong online presence, you can command higher rates for your photography services. Businesses see high-quality photography as an investment in their success, making them more open to your pricing. Remember, it’s about showing the value you bring and building trust with your potential clients.

Bonus Tip: Use Videos to Stand Out

In today’s digital age, videos are everywhere, and people love them. They’re a goldmine for business marketing. Imagine a potential client scrolling through search results and landing on your site where a short, engaging video shows your team in action, explains your process, or highlights a client success story. Suddenly, you’re not just another company on a page—you’re making a real connection.

These videos don’t have to be Hollywood productions. A few minutes on your phone, a clear script, and some genuine enthusiasm can work wonders. Showcasing your work through video is a powerful way to stop potential clients in their tracks and turn them into real leads.

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