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How editing differently changed my Business

I found out that some of my clients don’t want to book any photographer other than me because my editing style now become their brand, so if they book a different photographer who can’t replicate my editing style their website and social media won’t fit their branding anymore. so I got all their jobs.

I also found out that people judge us photographers by our best photos, if they see one amazing or interesting photo, they will want to see more, and if they like them, they will consider working with us. but it all starts with getting their attention from 1 amazing photo, That is why I do my best to have at least a few of my photos stand out, I do that also using editing. 

And now after years of keeping that as one of my secrets for growing my photography business, I am happy to share it.

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What You Get:

All My Presets
+ Sun Flare Presets
+ Mobile Presets
+ High End Editing Course

The Power Of


GOLD presets are the presets for creating that modern look full of bright and vibrant colours. It will make your skin tones seem golden while keeping your whites perfectly white.

The Power Of


The presets add a sense of nostalgia to any picture. Create that classic film vibe while still relying on the advantages of shooting with a powerful digital camera and modern lenses.

SKIN is a favourite preset for couples who love a vintage yet timeless, sentimental, and moody style.

It makes it the perfect presets for wedding-, event- & portrait photography.


The Power Of

Sun Flare Presets

41 Local Adjustment Lightroom Presets, with just 1 click, you can add sun flare effects, fake suns, and lighting effects to any photo. Like Photoshop overlays but super fast to apply, and can be applied to multiple photos at once. Plus, the Sun Flares presets are designed to seamlessly blend with your existing color grading, giving your photos that extra pop without looking artificial.


+ High End Editing Course

Learn Exactly How I Edit For Who I Worked With

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Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t happy for any reason with the value, No problem, Just message me on Instagram within 30 days and will I refund you in a 100% of your money. no questions asked & no hard feelings 🙂

Worst Case: you get 100% of your money back + keep the presets + No hard feelings.

Best Case: you will get an amazing editing style + stand out from the competition + Make everyone wonder how you grew so fast.

All My Presets
+ Sun Flare Presets
+ Mobile Presets
+ High End Editing Course
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