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Passion to Profit

Chapter 1: Discovering your passion

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Very often our passion comes from our biggest problem in life, for me for example it was confidence, when I was 6 years old my family moved from Amsterdam to a new country where I didn’t know the language and had no friends, so from being a kid with a lot of friends to having no one and not being able to communicate destroyed  my confidence completely. So now I empathise strongly with people with low confidence and want to help them reach their full potential. Did you ever had a big problem, deep pain in your life? write it down, Look into that, you are in the best position to help others solve what you already solved. 

If you don’t have the answers for everything that all good, discovering your passion is like discovering food, You don’t know Indian food till you try it, and you don’t know about Indian food before you hear about it or see it. For that its best to have a conversation with as many people possible about what they dream job is 

Try your best to answer those questions. The better the answers the easier it will be to find 

  1. What were your biggest problems in life? 
  2. What are you naturally interested in? 
  3. if money wasn’t an issue, what would you enjoy learning the most? where will your interest go to? 
  4. What do you think the world needs the most now? 
  5. What will your friends and family say you are good at? What are you known for?
*To continue to the next chapter, you need to Dm or email me the answers. (You can hide what you don’t want to share)