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Why I'm sharing my secrets?

Photography, like any art, can be done for Free or for big money, my new mission is to help everyone become as valuable as possible.

It’s all based on secrets, for example, one good preset can change everything around, it changed my career and I’ve seen it happen to everyone around me. I used to all the secrets for myself only so I don’t create competition. But now I’ve reached a point where I have too much work + my prices are at the highest they can be, and I’ve already had some small burnouts from working too much.

The pandemic was very hard for many people around me, it made me realise how lucky I am not having to depend on anyone else but myself. Being able to work when and for who I want + not have to listen to any boss or system. It’s the ultimate freedom that I believe everyone should have.

So it’s now more important for me to help anyone archive that and not only focus on growing myself.

Sam 5 Years ago:

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7 Years of full time experience

I used to be horrible at school, not appreciated & have no confidence at all, till I decided to change everything. now I managed to work with every celebrities & company I dreamed of as a kid. travel the world whenever I want and get paid for it! work whenever I want & be independent from the working system. I helped people do the same and I truly belief anyone can do the same.

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