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Sam Eye Am Photography


Let’s change your life, FAST.

! On 1 Video Calls

2 Hours Call

Every 2 Weeks

For 3 Months

+ Messages support

If you are just starting out I can help you get to get 5K per wedding in the quickest time possible. 

And if you are already advanced, I can help you grow your business by hiring people in the Philipines to do most of the work for you.


Limited Availability 

I only work with people who are the right fit and who are committed to making a change. 

Tell me where you are now, show me your work and what you dream of. and maybe we’ll go on a video call to see how we can help each other 


Is Based On

Good Photos


Natural & Flash


Confidence & Story Telling


On a Computer / iPad / iPhone

Mindset & Style


Ideal clients

Who to work with and how

Social Media

Content / Ads


Product type

We can speak about:

Becoming Independent

  • Learning & working from home - Motivation & productivity tricks
  • Becoming a freelancer
  • Who needs a photographer?
  • Finding clients
  • Working for free: does & don’t
  • Make photography friends and not enemies
  • How much do photographers make
  • How to price yourself
  • How to communicate with clients
  • Tax & Invoices
  • Reach creativity peak
  • How to instagram
  • Free website trick
  • How to build a website like mine
  • Ways to be famous
  • Finding your own unique style
  • How to be with famous people
  • How to work with celebrities
  • Photographer to entrepreneur
  • Advertising on Facebook & instagram (pro)
  • How to get work with big brands
  • Ways to travel the world + work


  • Editing on Computer / iPad / iPhone
  • How a camera works
  • How to Lightroom
  • Export settings
  • Best Presets
  • Secret editing programs
  • Avoid beginner mistakes
  • Avoid back problems
  • Nightlife photography tricks
  • Delivering & watermarking
  • Directing clients in photoshoots
  • RGB Curve tone
  • Lighting
  • Studio photography
  • Studio gear - buy smart
  • Photoshop
  • Retouching
  • Attractive face features
  • High End Editing in Lightroom
    High End Editing in Lightroom
  • Secret photoshop plugins
  • Advertising on Facebook & instagram (pro)
  • How to get work with big brands
  • Ways to travel the world + work

Worked with

Students Say:

What do you dream about?

I'm here to listen to your struggles and dreams. Let's explore how we can work together to make them a reality.