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High Vs. Low Budget

High-Budget Clients Value’s

1. Status 

Does working with you elevate their image? They want to show off their connection with a top-tier photographer. Examples: “This is the best/most expensive photographer in town” or “This photographer’s work was featured in Vogue.”

2. Time and Energy Savings:

They value efficiency. How much of their workload can you take on? Can you manage logistics, styling, or even event planning? Example: You handle everything from booking locations to final edits.

3. Confidence and Leadership:

They expect you to lead with confidence. Are you decisive and professional? They want someone who can take charge and make creative decisions. Example: Directing a shoot with clear instructions and a calm demeanor.

4. Speed:

How fast can you communicate and deliver? They appreciate quick responses and timely results. Example: Delivering edited photos the next day or on location so they can share on social media. 

5. A Story:

They love a good story about their photographer. It adds to their experience and makes it memorable. Example: “I chose this photographer because he left his corporate job to pursue his passion.” or “His wedding photos were terrible so he decided to become a photographer” or “I met in in the supermarket haha”

6. Trust:

They need to trust you completely. Recommendations, reviews, and reliable backup methods are crucial. Example: Having multiple backups for photos and strong client testimonials.

7. Experience:

They want memorable, unique experiences. This includes the shoot itself and any interactions. Example: Offering a themed photo shoot or destination sessions.

8. Feeling Taken Care Of:

They want to feel pampered and well-cared for. Are you attentive to their needs and details? Example: Providing refreshments during shoots, and personalized thank-you notes.

9. Exclusivity: 

They love exclusive services. Offering something they can’t get elsewhere makes them feel special. Example: Limited edition prints or custom photo albums.

10. Customization: 

Tailoring your services to their preferences and styles is key. They want a unique, personalized experience. Example: Customizing shoot themes based on their interests.

11. Passion:

Showing enthusiasm for your work resonates with them. They appreciate your dedication and passion. Example: Sharing behind-the-scenes moments that highlight your love for photography.

12. Identity:

They want their photos to reflect their personal or brand identity. Understanding and incorporating their style is important. Example: Designing shoots around their unique themes, like a vintage style or a specific color palette or Pokemon theme. 

13. Attention to Small Details: 

In luxury markets, small details are the most memorable. Examples: handshake, small photo prints in a custom frame, flowers in your suit, showing up in advance, researching info about them, noticing their small details, Handwritten thank-you notes, remembering their preferences, and adding small touches like flowers or personalized props during the shoot.

Low-Budget Clients Value’s

1. Price: Affordability is the most critical factor. They need services that fit within their budget. Example: Offering tiered pricing options to cater to different budget levels.

2. Good Deals: They look for value and the best deal available. Discounts, package deals, and transparent pricing are key. Example: “Book a family session and get 20% off your next session.”

3. Basic Quality and Reliability: They expect decent quality and reliability for their money. Consistent results are important. Example: Clear examples of your work that show consistent quality across different shoots.

4. Flexibility: Flexibility in services, scheduling, and payment options is highly valued. Being adaptable to their needs is a plus. Example: Offering weekend shoots or installment payment plans.

5. Practicality and Simplicity: Straightforward, no-frills services that meet their basic needs are preferred. Example: Basic packages with essential services like one-hour sessions and a set number of edited photos.

6. Identity and Personal Connection: They still want their photos to capture their identity and personal stories. Example: Taking the time to understand their story and reflecting it in their photos, even on a budget.

7. Confidence in Value: They need to feel they are getting good value for their money. Clear communication and demonstrable results help build this confidence. Example: Offering a satisfaction guarantee or showing before-and-after examples.

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