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6 Ways To Get Clients

I’m excited to share this guide with you, and I’m keeping it super simple. I’ve been through a lot with my camera, and if a piece of my learning can help you out, I’m all for it. I’m not charging for this because I know what it’s like to start with nothing and wish for a guide.

This guide, “6 Ways You Can Get New Clients,” is actually a sneak peek into what my students pay for in my course. It’s a bit of the inside scoop I’m sharing for free. Why? Because I’ve hit some tough spots on my journey like you do.

Why couldn’t I grow? I thought just taking good photos was enough. I couldn’t say no to small jobs, always comparing myself to others, and I wasn’t focusing on what clients really needed. Plus, I was pretty awkward and not confident.

What changed? I started saying no to those small, quick, low-budget jobs. I focused on bigger projects, worked on my website, learned about design, and got help with writing in exchange for photos. A big trick was sending photos through my website to boost visits, and when giving prices, I made sure people knew exactly what they were getting.

And here’s the deal: While you could totally hit the internet and dig up info on getting new clients, this guide saves you that headache and time. It’s part of what my students pay for, but I’m handing it over to you for FREE. I’m here to help you because I’ve been in your shoes. This guide is what I wish I had when starting. 

Let’s dive into these 6 ways and find you new clients! 

Happy reading!

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The 6 ways:

1. Word of Mouth:

Make Them Love You.
So, you do an amazing job, and your clients can’t stop talking about you. It’s like when you find a great cafe, and you tell all your friends. Be that photographer who gives them an experience so good, they’ll want to spread the word.

  • Key Strategy: Deliver an outstanding photography experience that clients can’t help but talk about. delivering extras like prints in creative ways. Example
  • Real-life Application: Focus on creating memorable moments for your clients, beyond just capturing beautiful photos, deliver an experience. Your aim is to be the photographer everyone wants to rave about.

2. Referrals:

Other Businesses Recommend You.
Think about working with wedding planners, DJs, and florists. If they like you, they’ll tell couples about you. Maybe slip them a little thank you, like a discount or a small fee. It’s like when a friend hooks you up with a job lead.

  • Key Strategy: Make strong relationships with other wedding vendors (e.g., wedding planners, florists, DJs) who can recommend your services.
  • Real-life Application: Recommend your clients to them and they will recommend you back, you can also offer commissions for a successful referral

3. Content Marketing:

Show What You Know.
Put up cool stuff online. Blogs, quick videos, or posts that show you know your stuff. Like, “Here are my favorite places to get married in the city” – stuff people actually want to see. And it’s out there working while you sleep, bringing clients to you.

  • Key Strategy: Use content marketing tools like blogs, reels, and social media to share valuable information and showcase your work.
  • Real-life Application: Create a blog post listing the top wedding locations in your area, including photos and pricing details. Share reels on social media to visually capture the essence of these venues, making your content a valuable resource for potential clients. It’s organic traffic for you.

4. Paid Ads:

Sometimes, you gotta spend a bit to get in front of more eyes. Think of ads on social media or Google that show off what you do best. It’s like buying a billboard where you know your ideal clients are driving by.

  • Key Strategy: Invest in paid advertising to reach a broader audience. Tailor your ads to show the unique value you bring to a wedding.
  • Real-life Application: When you see a post go viral or get’s followers or clients, pay a bit to show it to more people. Use ads to promote your blog posts or specific offers. Highlight your unique selling points, not just your ability to capture intimate moments in stunning locations but what experience do clients and their guests can expect from you?

5. Networking:

Problem Finding & Solving.
Get out there. Not to sell, as it looks and sounds needy, but to meet people and speak about their industry, where they are at and most importantly, try to understand what they are struggling with and try to actually help find solutions. you can even bring your camera, take awesome shots, and share them.

  • Key Strategy: Attend events and engage with people without the hard sell. Focus on providing value and showing your skill of solving problems, priorities building trust.
  • Real-life Application: At events, take the opportunity to capture great photos of guests, print them and give them to the clients. This not only showcases your talent but also builds rapport, increasing the likelihood of them reaching out to you for future events. Example

6. Outreach:

Reach out to folks like venue owners. Offer to take some shots of their place for free. It’s a win-win. You get to show your work to their clients, and they get cool photos. Think of it as laying the groundwork for a partnership where they might recommend you to clients or team up with you for future events.

  • Key Strategy: Proactively reach out to wedding vendors and offer something of value in exchange for visibility and referrals.
  • Real-life Application: Offer to take complimentary professional photos of a venue & a vendor’s team. Share these photos on your Instagram & blog, tagging them, this not only provides them with free, high-quality content but also exposes your work to their audience + gives you a lot of trust from the vendors & their clients.

So there you have it. Keep it simple, be genuine, and show off what makes you great.

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